I’m Lucy Farran CZT, aka the Lucky Tangler.
‘ Why Lucky?’ you may ask… well I feel very lucky that the Zentangle method found me.
I discovered the Zentangle Method by happy accident in September 2016, and immediately realised that it was what I had been looking for, even though I did not know I was looking for anything.  Art had been an on and off hobby for most of my adult life, but only in the form of making cards for friends and relatives and only when I could ‘find the time’ or ‘find the inspiration’. It had pretty much dwindled to nothing by 2016 due to work and family commitments.
Having discovered Zentangle, I dabbled for a while, but wanted to learn properly. So in February 2017, I took a class with (not so local) CZT, Jane Marbaix, and since then it has become a daily part of my life.
I recently decided to take the plunge, give up one of my part-time jobs, and train to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher myself. I attained my CZT certification in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in October 2018.
I am already enjoying being able to share this method, with anyone who wants to learn.

If you want to learn how… check out my class options.